uWebSockets.js — beware of conspiratory morons and fake news

When old, wild internet speculation is your only “source” for yet new speculation, we end up with nonsensical conspiracy theories and slanderous allegations. Let’s correct them by using rational thinking.

Five years ago I created this project called “uWS”. Three years ago I moved it from NPM to GitHub, where it has remained since. The project has never been better off than what it is right now. By now I have developed and released 18 major versions in total, all available free of charge for anyone to use. Commercially or not. Performance and security has never been better, and features are more now than ever.

Manuel Astudillo believes the lack of credible sources can be replaced by enough confidence, just like all fanatical conspiracy theorists do. Here the famous tin-foil hat represent utter stupidity.
Picture copied from Manuel Astudillo’s post. It shows my former installation instructions.